Subscriber Account Status

When an investor logs into his or her brokerage account, a series of questions are presented. Answers to these questions help determine if the investor is a Professional or Non-Professional Subscriber, as defined by the exchanges.

Professional Subscribers

An investor who opens a specialty brokerage account is automatically considered a Professional Subscriber. These specialty accounts include:

  • sole proprietorship,
  • partnership,
  • corporate,
  • limited liability company,
  • exempt or non-exempt charitable organization,
  • pension/profit sharing plans, and
  • SIMPLE IRA plans

There are instances where an investor who opens a trust, investment club, or estate account is automatically considered a Professional Subscriber; however, the system generating the subscriber status questionnaire will determine if this is the case. Generally, a holder of one of these account types is considered a Professional Subscriber when more than one authorized trader is active on the account.

An investor may also be considered a Professional Subscriber depending on his or her occupation. These occupations can include an employee of a broker-dealer, an employee of a bank, an employee of an investment advisor, an investor registered with the SEC, FINRA or CFTC or an investor registered or associated with a state securities agency, securities exchange or association, or any commodities or futures contract market or association.

Confirm Your Professional Subscriber Status

To confirm your registration status, please visit > FINRA Broker Check.

Professional Subscriber Advantages & Disadvantages

Stock exchange rules dictate that Professional Subscribers are unable to obtain free, real-time streaming quotes. Professional Subscribers are eligible to purchase real-time streaming quotes. The costs for this service vary per firm. Your local Scottrade team can review pricing options with you.
A Professional Subscriber who does not purchase real-time streaming quotes will receive quotes on a 20-minute delay. Static, real-time quotes are provided to a Professional Subscriber at the point of order entry and when building option chains.

Non-Professional Subscriber Advantage

A Non-Professional Subscriber receives free, real-time streaming quotes on the various trading platforms the investor subscribes to.

Get Real Time Streaming Quotes

If you are a Professional Subscriber and would like to purchase real-time streaming quotes, please contact your local Scottrade team.

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