Viewing Level II in ELITE

From the ScottradeELITE main toolbar, click the Level II button.

The Level II window appears. The Level II display is actually several windows combined into one window:

Full Quote (Level 1 quote information) - The top of the Level II window displays a Full Quote for the symbol. View Graphic

Note: If you are seeing a blank window for the Full Quote, right-click in the window and click Templates.

The Templates Manager will come up, and you may choose a template to use.

Time & Sales - An abbreviated Time & Sales (TS T&S) window that shows only the symbol's Last, Size and Time data. View Graphic

Chart - A tick-by-tick line chart (CH Chart) View Graphic

Level II - The individual Level II window containing Sdepth (SDDepth), a Market Maker ID (MMID) Bid, and a Market Maker ID (MMID) Ask. View Graphic.

The MMID and SDDepth windows display only in the Level II window.

Viewing Research Information

You can easily research a stock using the Research menu that is available when you right-click a stock in the full quote window of Level II.

When you select one of the research topics, you are redirected to specific pages of the Quotes and Research section on the Scottrade trading Web site. View Graphic

Using the Level II Toolbar View Graphic

The Level II toolbar offers the following options:

  • Symbol Lookup - Type a symbol, and click Go to view its Level II information.
  • Linker - Link this window to other windows using the symbol as your input.
  • Template - Use the Template Manager to select the template you want to view.
  • Save Template - Save the template you are currently viewing.
  • Settings - Configure the appearance of the Level II windows.
  • Window Buttons - Click these buttons to view or hide the available windows in Level II.

Using Template Manager

The Template Manager allows you to manage multiple layouts and designate a default layout.

Click on the Templates button located on the Positions window toolbar to access the Templates Manager. View Graphic

The Templates Manager window appears. View Graphic

To Use the Template Manager Window:

Loading a Saved Template - select the template you wish to load and click the Load button. Please note there are no default templates in Level II.

Deleting a Saved Template - select the template you wish to delete and click the Delete button.

Setting a default Template - select the template you wish to set as your default template and click the Set As Default button

To view a saved template:

In the Level II window, click Templates. The Templates Manager dialog box appears.

Select the template you want to open, and click Load. The Level II window displays the information for the symbol saved in the template.

Note: You can also click the Templates arrow and select the template from the list.

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