Regulatory Transaction Fees

When you sell a stock, a small transaction fee is charged by the government. The fee recovers the cost incurred by the government for supervising and regulating the securities markets.

The SEC may make annual and mid-year adjustments to the fee rate. The current Regulatory Transaction Fee is $0.00224 per $100.

Canadian Fees

A Canadian floor brokerage fee is applied to each Canadian stock transaction. Add the fee for buy orders. Subtract the fee for sell orders. Fees will range from .003 to .015 depending on the price per share of the stock and the venue where the order is executed.

Vancouver Stock Exchange Fees

The Vancouver Stock Exchange may charge up to five cents per share on any orders that are not a round lot.

The following is a schedule of what is considered a round lot on the Vancouver exchange:

Stock Transfer Fees

For full account transfers to a different brokerage, Scottrade charges a $75 transfer fee. Some foreign stocks (including some Canadian stocks) are charged a $60 fee per issue to transfer.

Reorganization Fees

Mandatory Reorganization
A $20 fee is applied to all mandatory reorganization items.

Voluntary Reorganization
A $25 fee is applied to all non-mandatory reorganizations.

Other Fees

Withdrawal Privileges
A $30 fee is applied to all withdrawal instructions sent to DTC.

Tender on Expiration Date
An additional $25 fee will be charged for clients who would like to tender an offer on expiration.

Tender on Unsettled Trades
An additional $25 fee applies to all tender instructions on unsettled trades.

Dissenter's Rights
A $150.00 fee will be applied to all instructions to exercise dissenter's rights.

Withdrawing from a Tender Offer
If DTC accepts the withdrawal instructions, a $30 dollar fee will apply.

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