Using Virtual Trading in ELITE

ScottradeELITE's Virtual Trading system is a simulated trading platform that allows you to paper trade with an account balance of $100,000. With the ScottradeELITE Virtual Trading system, you can:

  • Place simulated market and limit orders on equities.
  • Test a trading strategy.
  • View your simulated positions in real-time.
  • Access all of the research functionality in ScottradeELITE.

By selecting the Virtual Trading check box, you are automatically logged into your ScottradeELITE Virtual Trading account. The trades made within the Virtual Trading system are not real and will not affect your actual account.

To enable Virtual Trading:

1. Open ScottradeELITE. The Login dialog box appears. View Graphic

2. Enter your account number and password, and then select the Enable Virtual Trading check box.

Note: To view a description of how virtual trading works, click the What's This button. The message box below will appear. Click Close to exit the message box. View Graphic

3. Click Login. The following message box appears, explaining Virtual Trading. View Graphic

4. Read the description, and then click OK. You are now ready to begin your virtual trading session. Please note that the Virtual Trading indicator will flash in the status bar at the bottom of the ScottradeELITE window, indicating that you are loggind into a virtual trading session.

To Exit Virtual Trading:

To exit the Virtual Trading system, simply log off. When you log on to ScottradeELITE, the Virtual Trading option is not selected by default, so the next time you access ScottradeELITE, make sure the Virtual Trading checkbox is cleared and log on. You will then be logged in to your actual account.

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