ScottradeELITE is Scottrade's most robust platform, designed especially for the active trader. This section will help guide you through our premier trading platform, including account management, quotes & symbols, advanced quoting, research, news, trading and customizing your ScottradeELITE experience.

Getting Started

Learn about ScottradeELITE including everything from basic downloading and login information to using the menu bar and exporting your data.

Managing Your Account

Managing your account is easy and convenient with ScottradeELITE. Learn how to manage balances, positions, account history and activity, open order and alerts.

Quotes & Symbols

This section will help you learn how to use the features of the QuoteGrid, full quote, time & sales, symbol lookup and option chains. It also offers a comprehensive list of market makers used by Scottrade to complete your orders.

Advanced Quoting

Advanced quoting is an attractive feature for active traders looking for the latest in quoting technology. This section will introduce you to Level II, TotalView and Velocity & Forces.


Research is key to successful investing, and ScottradeELITE makes it easy. This section will guide you through research with charts, news, highs and lows and TradeIdeas.

Trading Stocks, ETFs & Options

In addition to the research, tracking and quoting tools offered on ScottradeELITE, you can also make trades quickly and easily. This section will guide you through the features for placing stock, ETF and option transactions.

Trading Mutual Funds, CDs & Bonds

Learn how to place orders for mutual funds, CDs and bonds so you will be able to diversify your portfolio in the way you choose.

Customizing ScottradeELITE

Customize and personalize your trading experience. This section will help you customize your ScottradeELITE and set your preferences as the default.

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