8 Things You Can Do with Trade-Ideas™

Trade-Ideas™ is an idea-generation software designed to alert you of new trade opportunities that fit your strategy in real time. Using streaming statistical and technical analysis of the stock market, Trade-Ideas provides a way for you to:

1. Scan the market using thousands of strategies at once.

The size of the market presents a challenge to traders – how can you monitor intraday activity in such a big environment? Scottrade offers Trade-Ideas™ technology to help you get a bird's eye view of the market and then zero in on trade opportunities that fit into your trading plan. Once you set your strategies, Trade-Ideas™ will continually apply them to the overall market and alert you when your specific criteria are met.

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2. Search the market using a variety of neutral, bullish or bearish pre-configured strategies.

Quickly apply any of the pre-configured strategies offered in Trade-Ideas and be alerted when the criteria you select is met throughout the day.

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3. Create your own strategy from scratch.

Design a custom strategy that matches your trading goals and use it to search the market for opportunities tailored to your trading plan.

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4. Easily assess a trade's potential likelihood of success.

The Trade-Ideas™ Oddsmaker is designed to calculate the odds of winning trades on any Trade-Ideas alert and filter combination to help you figure out which trading strategies are most likely to be profitable.

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5. Optimize and refine any trading strategy.

Use the Optimization tool inside Trade-Ideas to analyze the details of a strategy to see which components are working and which aren't. You can use the information provided in this section to apply additional filters and modify your strategy based on your goals.

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6. React in real-time with live alerts delivered as events happen.

Trade-Ideas™ notifies you of market developments as they occur inside the streaming Alerts window.

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7. See a list of the top 100 symbols that meet your criteria.

Trade-Ideas™ Top Lists are updated every 30 seconds to continually deliver the top 100 symbols based on your custom configuration. You can configure your list according to a variety of filters such as price, volume, volatility, buy/sell pressures, ranges, options volume, gaps, candle behavior, movement, Bollinger Bands®, moving averages and fundamentals.

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8. Visually compare two different strategies to see which is performing better.

The Compare Count window is typically used to compare bullish and bearish strategies to see which way the market's heading and which strategies may be most beneficial to your portfolio.

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