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How do I know what my RMD is?


How do I know what my RMD is?

Don't Forget Your RMD

If you're a Traditional IRA holder age 70 ½ or above, don't forget to take your required minimum distribution (RMD). Generally, the deadline to take an RMD is Dec. 31. You may delay your first RMD payment until April 1 of the year following the year you turn 70 ½, but you will then have to take two RMDs during that following year. If you don't take your RMD by the Dec. 31 deadline, the amount that was not withdrawn is subject to a 50% Excess Accumulation Penalty.

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The Covered Call Strategy in Today's Market

Find out how and when the covered call strategy can be applied, and take a look at some examples that show how it could be used.

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Tax-Loss Harvesting

Taxes may be less of a burden if you plan ahead. When it comes to investments, you may hear a lot about the strategic selling of losing positions to offset capital gains, a process called tax-loss harvesting, around this time of year.

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