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How can I find stocks with a high dividend yield?


How can I find stocks with a high dividend yield?

Apply Market Timing Strategically

Spotting a market trend and finding the right moments to enter and exit the trend are both part of an active trading strategy. Achieving those goals requires you to find a trade setup that conforms to your rules, determine an entry point, know the right amount of funds to apply to your trade, and exit without taking a loss you're unprepared for.

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College vs. Retirement Savings: Which One Wins?

A smart financial plan understands that college savings and retirement savings need to complement each other rather than be treated as completely separate entities.

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Investing in Your 20s - 50s and Beyond

Take a look at different investing approaches broken out by age group.

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The Truth about Covered Calls and Selling Winners

Some traders are under the belief that covered calls make you sell winners and hold losers. Find out the facts.

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How to Use Post-Earnings Volatility

Take a look at a few strategies you may be able to use to identify post-earnings volatility in the option market.

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