Meridian Bancorp Inc EBSB:NASDAQ (Common Stock)

LastChange / % ChangeDividend YieldVolumeAvg Volume (10 day)
10.56 -0.09   -0.85%278,793315.8K
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Previous close 9/30/2014

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Company Background

Meridian Bancorp Inc, formerly Meridian Interstate Bancorp, Inc., is a mid-tier stock holding company of East Boston Savings Bank (the Bank). The Bank is a state-chartered stock savings bank that operates from 24 full-service locations and two loan centers in the Boston metropolitan area. East Boston Savings Bank operates eight of its full-service locations and a loan center under the name Mt. Washington Bank, a division of East Boston Savings Bank. The Bank offers a variety of deposit and loan products to individuals and businesses located in its primary market, which consists of Suffolk, Middlesex and Essex Counties, Massachusetts. The Bank operates as a community-oriented financial institution offering financial services to consumers and businesses. As of December 31, 2011, Meridian Financial Services, Incorporated owned 59.4% interest of the Company.


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A table providing an overview of the stock
Bid | Size-- | --
Ask | Size-- | --
Price Open10.65
Previous Close10.56
Day High--
Day Low--
52 Week High3/6/2014 | 11.5259
52 Week Low10/21/2013 | 8.2544
% Off 52 Week High-8.38%
% Off 52 Week Low27.93%
Beta (5 Yr)1
Volatility Avg9/30/2014 | 63.03
10-Day Avg. Volume315,776
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EPS (TTM)6/30/2014 | 0.36
P/E Ratio6/30/2014 | 29.1
Market CapSmall Cap | 577.6M
Shares Outstanding54.70M

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Dividend Yield--
Dividend Announcement--
Date of Record--
Payable-- - --
Payable Date--

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Shares Short906.10K
Short Ratio2.1
Short % of Float4.19%
As of 9/15/2014

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