Retirement Savings Calculator

The Scottrade retirement calculator helps you determine the impact of different savings scenarios on the likelihood that your retirement savings will last until your self-selected age (duration). These calculations are based on your current savings and how much you plan to contribute each year until retirement. By changing the various inputs such as "Annual Contributions," "Asset Allocation," "Annual Expenses," and "Additional Annual Revenue During Retirement," you can gauge the length of time that your assets may last during retirement.

Based on your retirement savings plan with a Moderate Growth investment asset allocation; to retire at age 65 with annual expenses in today's dollars of $75,000, your plan is projected to be off track in meeting your retirement goals.

Annual Contributions (include employer match where appropriate
Current Retirement Savings
Current Investment Asset Allocation
Additional Annual Revenue During RetirementOptional
Social Security
Part-time Income
To increase the likelihood of staying on track, it might help to take these additional steps:
  • Increase your annual contributions
  • Retire later
  • Reduce Annual Expenses During Retirement
  • When you retire, supplement your income with Additional Revenue During Retirement
  • Put more assets into your retirement (e.g., downsize your house)
  • Lower your Duration age
  • Change your Investment Asset Allocation
For details on criteria, calculations, limitations and assumptions used, please see:

Calculations & Assumptions
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