Traditional IRA Vs. Roth IRA Calculator

This IRA calculator helps you determine whether a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA is the best vehicle for your retirement savings and is based on the 2016 IRA contribution and deduction limits. Note: Roth 401(k) comparisons should not be made with this calculator.

Your Age & Retirement Age
Investment Style
Participate in an Employer Plan
Select a tax filing status
Max Annual IRA Contributions
 Traditional IRARoth IRA
Total Contributions$64,000$64,000
Contributions + Investment Growth$132,317$132,317
Taxes due at retirement$10,247--
Value of reinvested tax deductions$0--
Value at retirement (age 65)$122,069$132,317
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Calculations & Assumptions

This calculator is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. The results presented by this calculator are hypothetical and may not reflect the actual growth of your own investments. It also assumes that all contributions to a traditional IRA are made on a before-tax basis and that no distributions are taken before age 59 ½. It does not take minimum distribution requirements into consideration. Scottrade is not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken as a result of information provided by this tool. Scottrade is not responsible for any human or mechanical errors or omissions. Please consult a tax, legal, or financial advisor with questions regarding your investment objectives and personal tax or financial situation.

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