• Index Funds

    Index funds are designed to produce the same return as the index which they mirror, like the S&P 500, which tracks the performance of 500 large-cap U.S. stocks, or the NASDAQ Composite Index, which tracks technology stocks listed on that exchange.

  • Sector Funds

    If you're interested in a single segment of the economy, like biotechnology, natural resources, healthcare or utilities, you can invest in a sector fund.

  • Socially Conscious Funds

    Investors who want to avoid investing in certain companies because of their ethical or moral beliefs might choose to invest in a socially conscious fund.

  • Fund of Funds

    As its name suggests, a fund of funds (FOF) invests in other mutual funds instead of individual securities.

  • Target Date Funds

    A target date fund is a fund of funds with an investment objective aligned with a specific timeframe.

  • International Funds

    Mutual funds offer an easy way to add international exposure and global diversification to your investment portfolio.

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