Options Basics

Read about buying and selling options, the cost of the contract, types of options, how option contracts are valued, and the terms of an option contract.

Trading Options

Learn how option trades are executed, who are the rulemakers, how options get listed and how to read option symbols.

Option Strategies

Discover common option trading strategies such as long calls, short calls, long puts, short puts, spreads and collars.

Exit Strategies

Educate yourself on the three most common exit strategies: closing out, rolling over and exercising.

Researching Options

Research the underlying stock, use benchmarks and learn how to use theoretial price, options sources and options Greeks in your research.

Types of Options

Discover index options, currency options, interest rate options, quarterly options, Weeklys, LEAPS and adjusted options.


Determine the risk of a contract by taking into account varying levels of risk and time decay.

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