Personal Loans

Because they're typically easier to access and can have lower interest rates, margin loans are becoming an increasingly popular part of individual financial strategies. After you've been approved for a margin account, you can borrow against your marginable assets without extra paperwork, credit checks or approvals and use the funds to meet your personal needs.

When you borrow funds on margin, it's important to realize that the funds you borrow use the equity in your account as collateral. Throughout the duration of your loan, you're required to maintain a minimum equity level based on the amount you borrow. If your account drops below this equity level, a maintenance call will be issued requiring you to repay a portion or the total amount of your loan immediately.

6 Margin-to-Traditional Loan Comparisons

Margin Loan

Traditional Loans

Interest Rates

Determined by the amount you borrow; typically borrowing more results in lower interest rates

Determined by your credit score; lower credit scores may result in higher interest rates


Once you're approved for a margin account, you can easily access the funds available for borrowing at any time

You will need to be approved for a loan before you can borrow funds

Repayment Time Period

Loan can be repaid at a schedule you determine as long as you maintain the required account equity level

Loan is typically repaid on a monthly schedule

Minimum Payment Amount

No minimum monthly payments as long as you maintain the required account equity level

Minimum monthly payment is determined based on the amount you borrow


You're in control of the amount you have available for borrowing; amount is based on the equity in your account

Amount available for borrowing is determined by the loan provider; credit limit can potentially be increased upon request

Repayment Requirements

Margin loans require you to maintain a minimum equity level in your account; if you fall below that level, a maintenance call will be issued requiring you to repay a portion or all of your loan immediately; if you're unable to meet the maintenance call, Scottrade may liquidate some or all of your securities until the call is satisfied

When you default on a typical loan payment, you will be charged a late fee and subject to accrued interest fees; If you continue to default on payments, your credit line may be revoked

Ways to Use Margin Loans

When used as a personal loan, the funds borrowed from a margin account can be applied to any of your individual financial needs.

  • Making Purchases – Instead of closing positions to access cash, margin loans offer you a way to maintain your market exposure and still withdraw funds that can be applied to material purchases, bills or other expenses.

  • For Outside Investments – Similar to a home equity line of credit, you can borrow from your margin account to cover unexpected expenses, real-estate investments, home improvements or similar investments outside your brokerage account.

When you use a margin loan to meet your personal financial needs, remember that the amount you have available to borrow is dependent upon the equity level of your account. If you fall below the minimum account equity requirement, a maintenance call will be issued requiring you to repay some or all of your loan amount immediately. For this reason, it's important to use margin responsibly and make sure you're prepared to meet extreme changes in the market.

Read “Four Tips for Managing Risk” to learn about ways you can address margin risk in your portfolio and use your loan responsibly.

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