Scottrade Bank Account Maintenance & Services

The Account Maintenance & Services section of your Scottrade Bank online account enables you to download your transaction history for the past 18 months, modify the display names of your Scottrade Bank account, place stop payment requests on a check or a range of checks you wrote or misplaced, order checks for an eligible Scottrade Bank account and change your telephone banking PIN.

Download Account Activity

It is easy to create financial records for your personal files with Scottrade Bank.Downloading your banking activity exports your transaction history for the past 18 months directly from Scottrade Bank's online records to an Excel file on your computer.

Modify Account Display Names

You can use descriptive account titles that enable you to easily distinguish between multiple accounts by choosing Modify Account Display Names from the Account Services & Maintenance menu. All accounts opened at Scottrade Bank can be renamed at any time. Renaming your account allows you to personalize your account title to match your banking preferences.

Stop Payment Requests

A stop payment request is a request that Scottrade Bank not honor a check or range of checks that you wrote or misplaced. If you choose to stop payment for one of your checks, Scottrade Bank will return the check unpaid. There is no fee for stop payment requests placed through Scottrade Bank.

Reorder Checks

Deluxe standard checks can be ordered through your Scottrade Bank account. Your checks will be printed using the personal information you have provided in the My Account section of your Scottrade brokerage account.You can change this information at any time.

Change Your Telephone Banking PIN

Your Telephone Banking PIN is the reference number you will use when you call Scottrade Bank's automated telephone banking system at 1-800-SCOTTRADE (1-800-726-8872).

Update Your Contact Information

Scottrade Bank uses the contact information you have input through your Scottrade brokerage account. You can edit your contact information at any time.

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