Tax Statements

Your tax statements are located in the My Account section of your online account. Choose Account History from the menu bar on the left, and select the Tax Statements tab near the top.

The Tax Statements section:

  • Contains links to the tax forms related to your account
  • Highlights those years where tax forms were not generated and provides a link describing reasons why
  • Shows when tax forms are scheduled to become available

Note: Tax forms since 2001 are available online. If you would like a copy of a tax form for before the year 2001, please contact your local Scottrade branch office.

To view your tax forms, click the PDF link for the tax form category and year of interest.

To view an explanation of why certain forms are not available for a given tax form category and year, click the Not Generated link for the form category and year.

To determine when a form will become available, find the availability schedule in the top row of the table for the tax form category.

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