Java Requirements

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.0_14 or above is required to run some Scottrade features. Windows, Linux and Solaris users may download the JRE from Sun. To install the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), follow the instructions below:

Installing Java - Microsoft Windows

Note: Your computer must remain connected to the Internet during the installation.

1. Click to go to the Java Runtime Environment web page.

2. Click the Free Java Download button.

3. Follow the prompts to install Java, completing the license agreement and selecting a typical install.

4. When you have successfully downloaded Java for Windows, a task bar pop-up message appears, indicating that JavaTM Platform, Standard Edition has been installed.

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5. You are prompted to verify your installation. Click the Verify Installation button. When you complete the verification, a congratulations message appears.

Installing Java - Macintosh

Apple has made Java a core component of Mac OS X. Mac OS X includes the full version of Java 2, Standard Edition, meaning you have the Java Developer Kit (JDK) and the HotSpot virtual machine (VM) without downloading, installing or configuring anything. Because Apple has optimized Java on Mac OS X, Java applications act as first-class citizens on Mac OS X.

Updating Java

If your Scottrader Streaming Quotes are not working correctly, please follow through all the instructions below to help alleviate any problems you may be having. The Scottrader Streaming Quotes use the Java Runtime Environment developed by Sun Microsystems.

You may have more than one Java Runtime Environment on your computer. Multiple versions of this Java program will interfere with each other. Below are instructions on how to remove older versions of the Java Runtime Environment from your computer. Please note that once you have removed the old versions of Java, you will need to restart your computer before installing a new version.

To remove an old Java Runtime Environment:

1. Close any web browsers that you may have open (Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, etc.).

2. Click on the Start button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

3. Scroll up to Settings (Skip this step if you are running Windows XP Home Edition, Windows Vista, of Windows 7)

4. Select Control Panel. View Graphic

5. For Windows XP, click on Add/Remove Programs. For Vista or Windows 7, click on Programs & Features. This will pull up a list of software installed on your computer.

6. On XP, select the Java Runtime and then click remove. For Vista and Windows 7, highlight the Java Runtime with your mouse and then right-click and select Uninstall. Repeat this step for all versions of the Java Runtime Environment that are installed on your computer. You will need to remove both the J2SE Runtime Environment and any duplicated versions of Java itself. For example, if you have Java 6 update 3 and Java 6 update 18, you will want to keep the highest version on your computer (in this case, Java 6 update 18).

7. Once you have removed Java Runtime from your computer, close out of Add/Remove programs and the Control Panel.

8. Restart your computer.

To install a new Java Runtime Environment:

1. Go to the download page at If clicking on the link does not automatically open the Java Download page, please copy and paste the link into a browser window (

2. Click on the Free Java Download button.

3. If your web browser is Internet Explorer, choose to Run the program and follow through with the installation. If your web browser is Mozilla Firefox, you will have to Save the program before beginning to install it. Once the program has been saved to your computer, locate the Java Runtime Environment in your downloads file and click Execute.

If you have trouble downloading the Java Runtime Environment:

1. Click on the following link: If clicking on the link does not automatically open a page titled 'Java Downloads for All Operating Systems', please copy and paste the link into your browser.

2. Select the second item listed under Windows (Windows 7/XP/Vista/200/2003/2008 Offline).

3. Choose run and follow through with the installation.

4. When you have finished installing the Java Runtime Environment, restart your computer.

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