Scottrader Streaming Quotes

Scottrader Streaming Quotes is an exclusive trading tool that offers real-time access to streaming quotes, customizable tools for tracking and charting, free news and market research and an interactive trading experience. This Help section will walk you through the many features of Scottrader and will help you use this platform with comfort and ease.

Below, you'll find a quick description of each section to get you started.

Scottrader Quote Grid

The Scottrader Quote Grid is the main window from which all other tools and windows can be accessed. The Quote Grid window is fully customizable and can be edited to match your trading preferences.

Account Management

Scottrader offers easy access to all your brokerage account information within a fully customizable environment. Create a personal layout to view your account information in a way that matches your trading style.

Quotes & Stock Lists

Scottrader Streaming Quotes offers unlimited access to list management tools, trade execution information and real-time streaming quotes.


Scottrader offers you a variety of tools and resources to thoroughly research your investment opportunities. With Scottrader, you have instant access to charting tools, real-time Dow Jones News, intraday market movers and top ten lists. To access additional research on the Scottrade Trading Website, click the Research button in the top right corner of the Scottrader Quote Grid window.


To place an order using Scottrader, click the Trade button in the Quote Grid window, click Quick Trade from any Scottrader window or click any of the Buy or Sell links located in Trading columns throughout the account management windows. Prior to execution, your orders can be modified or canceled from the Open Orders window.

Recent Updates to Scottrader

On June 18, 2013 Scottrade released several new features to enhance your trading experience. To help you become better acquainted with the enhancements, a description of each feature is provided.

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