Mutual Fund Transfers

Mutual Fund positions transferred into your Scottrade account must be in good form before they can be sold. Transfers require settlement at the fund. Ten business days is the minimum holding period for mutual fund transfers once they have arrived at Scottrade. Settlement periods may vary by fund and are subject to change without notice. The settlement process may have an impact if you are planning to reinvest the proceeds in another security.

If you currently own mutual fund shares purchased through another financial institution or purchased directly from the mutual fund company, you can consolidate your shares into your Scottrade account, provided that the fund is currently available through Scottrade. Mutual funds not offered through Scottrade must be converted to cash at your current financial institution before transfer.

If you wish to retain those mutual fund positions, you may want to consider a partial transfer, leaving those funds at your current financial institution and transferring the remaining securities to Scottrade. Scottrade's list of mutual funds will continue to grow. It may be possible to transfer additional mutual funds at a later date. To transfer funds, please complete the mutual fund account transfer (ACAT) form.

If you currently own mutual funds shares in a Scottrade account and want to move the shares into another account at Scottrade, please complete the Letter of Authorization to Transfer Funds and/or Stock Form that can be found in the Forms Center. If positions are being moved from a joint account into a single account, both account owners must sign the form. Tax laws vary from state to state and you may want to consult a tax advisor before transferring your position from one account to another. Please return this form to your local branch office.

Mutual fund positions must be transferred at the fund company as well as internally. Because these movements are considered transfers at the fund company, it may take five to seven business days before the position(s) can be sold in the new account. Please check with your local branch office to verify if a position can be sold.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of mutual fund carefully before investing. A prospectus contains this and other information about the fund and is available through or through a Scottrade branch office. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing.

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