Alerts are messages sent when something important occurs with your account, when the market criteria you set for a security is met, or when they are regularly scheduled to update you on your account.

Common alert examples include:

  • Setting a price alert for a stock at a price where you think you'd like to buy or sell.
  • Getting an alert from Scottrade telling you that an order you previously place expired.
  • Getting quote information for your Securities to Watch list at the end of every week.

There are five alert types:

1. Priority Alerts
2. Account Alerts
3. Price & News Alerts
4. Periodic Alerts
5. Money Direct Alerts

1. Priority Alerts

Priority alerts are alerts specific to your account that require action from you. You cannot choose to remove Priority Alerts. These alerts will display in a red box on top of your account home page.

Priority Alerts consist of:

  • Margin and Maintenance Calls
  • Reg T Warnings
  • Pattern Day Trader
  • Buy Back Warnings

2. Account Alerts

Account Alerts are related to events that occur in your account. You cannot choose to remove Account Alerts. These alerts will display on the right side of the home page.

Account Alerts consist of:

  • Completed Trades
    Cancelled Orders

3. Price & News Alerts

Price & News alerts let you know when a stock has reached a certain price or important news has come out.

Price & News Alerts consist of:

  • Price ($)
  • Percent (%)
  • Volume
  • Daily Change ($)
  • Daily Change (%)
  • Annual High-Low
  • Change vs. Index
  • Moving Average
  • News

Note: Alerts set from the Detailed Quote and other research pages are limited to those shown in italics above.

4. Periodic Alerts

Periodic Alerts are updates on your Watch Lists, sent to the Alert Inbox, whenever you want them. Periodic Alerts are managed from the Watch List edit pages.

5. Money Direct Alerts

Money Direct customers will receive periodic alerts regarding their account or other announcements.

When Do Alerts Expire?

Alerts do not expire. Price & News alerts can be paused or deleted. Periodic Alerts can be stopped from the Watch List: Edit page for the associated Watch List.

Viewing Alerts

To access your alerts, log in to your Scottrade account and click the My Account tab at the top of the page. Then, click Alerts from the left menu bar.

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Alerts Inbox

Alerts are grouped by major alert type. Within each alert type, triggered alerts are sorted with the most recent first. The most recent five alerts are displayed on your account home page until the alert is later moved to the Alerts Inbox page.

Triggered alerts are removed from the Alerts Inbox page according to schedule in the table below.

Alert Details

To view the details for a triggered alert:

  • Click the Details link for a triggered alert on the Alert Inbox page.
  • Click the alert title on the Alert section of the home page.
  • Click the Details link in an alert e-mail.

This page provides additional details about the alert and gives you the ability to modify, pause, or delete the alert.

Watch Lists

If there are any alerts in your Alerts Inbox for a security on a Watch List, the Alerts column in the Watch List table displays an alert icon along with the total number of alerts for the security.

Creating Alerts

Setting Price & News Alerts

From the Detailed Quote page:

  • Click the Set Alerts button in the upper right corner.
  • In the Alert Type menu (before the text "Alert me when"), choose an alert type (for example: Price).
  • Enter the criteria for when you would like to be alerted (for example: when IBM hits 72).
  • Click the Set Alert button to finalize the alert.

The confirmation message will replace the menu and criteria you just entered. To set another alert for the same symbol, refresh the page using your browser refresh button.

Note: Only certain alert types can be set from this page. To set other alert types, click the Manage Alerts link and follow the directions in the help immediately below.

From the Manage Alerts page:

  • In the Create New Alert section, enter a symbol or company name in the box.
  • In the Choose Alert Type menu, choose an alert type (for example: Volume) and click the Continue button.
  • Enter the criteria for when you would like to be alerted (for example: when the security's daily volume goes 30% above its 100-day daily average).
  • Click the Set Alert button to finalize the alert. Or, click the Cancel button to start over.

After confirmation, the alert will be displayed in the Existing Alerts section of the page where it can be modified at any time.

Setting Periodic Alerts for Watch Lists

To receive periodic alerts for a group of securities:

  • From the Watch List: Edit page, click the "Send quote info. to Alert Inbox..." checkbox (see screen shot above).
  • Choose how often you'd like to receive the alerts using the adjacent menu.
  • Click the Save Preferences button.

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The choices available for how often the alerts will be sent are further described in the table below:

Note: To stop receiving periodic alerts for a Watch List. Uncheck the "Send quote info. to Alert Inbox..." checkbox and choose the Save List button.

Modifying, Pausing and Deleting Alerts

Modifying Price & News Alerts

From the Manage Alerts page:

  • Locate the alert in the Existing Alerts section.
  • Make the changes to the alert criteria.
  • Click the Update button.

From the Alert Details page:

  • In the Modify Alert Condition section, make the changes to the alert criteria.
  • Click the Update button.

Note: You can't modify the symbol or type of an alert once an alert has been created. Modifying an alert that's paused will automatically unpause it.

Pausing Price & News Alerts

All alerts types in the Price & News category except Price and Percent continue to be checked after they trigger. Price and Percent alerts pause immediately after they trigger.

From the Alert Details page:

Click the alert's associated Pause or Start link.

On the Manage Alerts page:

Click the alert's associated Pause or Start link.

Deleting Price & News Alerts

Price & News alerts can be deleted at any time, even if the alert has never triggered. On the Manage Alerts page, click the alert's associated Delete link.

Removing Triggered Alerts from the Alerts Inbox

To remove a triggered alert from display in the Alert Inbox, click the alert's associated Remove link.
Note: As you remove alerts here, the total number of alerts for the security shown in the Watch Lists sections of the site is reduced accordingly.

Setting Alert Delivery Preferences

From the Alert Delivery Method page:

You can specify an email address to mirror the alerts that are displayed in your Alerts Inbox. You can specify a separate e-mail address for each of the three major Alert types (Account, Price & News and Periodic Alerts).

By default, alerts are mirrored to your Scottrade account's primary e-mail address. To assign another e-mail address, choose it from the appropriate menu and click the Save Delivery Method button. Choose None in the menu if you prefer to have only alerts of that type sent to your Alerts Inbox on Scottrade.

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