Corporate/Agency Bond Trading

You must have an brokerage account with Scottrade before you can place a corporate bond order on the Internet. Cash or "free cash" representing the purchase amount must be in the account before an order can be accepted. Buying power in margin accounts is acceptable.

For more information about corporate bonds or agency bonds, please visit the Investment Education section of Scottrade's Knowledge Center.

To buy a corporate/agency bond from your Scottrade account:

1. Select the Trade tab at the top of the page.

2. Click on the CDs & Bonds link located in the left-hand margin of the page.

3. In the horizontal row of tabs that appears, hover your mouse over the Bonds tab until a drop box including bond types descends. View Graphic

4. Select corporate or agency bonds from the drop box.

5. Enter your search criteria in the grid provided.You may search bonds using a variety of parameters including issuer, CUSIP list, maturity dates, and interest pay frequency.

6. Once you have entered your parameters, click the Find Bonds button at the bottom right of the screen.A list of bonds meeting your desired requirements will appear.

7. To purchase one of the bonds that meet your criteria, click on the blue Buy button on the right side of your screen in the same row as the bond you wish to buy.

8. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the Order Qty box in the middle of the screen. View Graphic

9. You may select the Calculate button to the bottom left of the page to retrieve the correct total.If you choose not to re-calculate at this time, the totals will automatically re-calculate once the order has been finalized.

10. Select the Preview Order button to the bottom right of the page.This will take you to a detailed view of your purchase.

11. To finalize your purchasing order, click on the Submit Order button to the bottom right of the page.

To sell a corporate/agency bond from your Scottrade account:

You may sell your bonds online or through your local Scottrade branch office. If you call your local branch office for assistance selling bonds, please be ready to provide your bond's description, size and CUSIP number.You will also need to specify whether you want a firm quote from a bond dealer or are just looking for an indication of current value.If you request "firm" bids and agree to enter the selling process, you must be available to accept or reject the bids on your bond and will need to provide your branch manager with a phone number where you can be reached throughout the day.

Your bond order may be purchased for more or less than the original price you invested; the amount received will depend on the current market conditions.Orders to sell are handled on a best effort basis and we will make every effort to find the best price available for your bond.In some circumstances, there may not be a dealer that wishes to purchase your bond.Please review the BID/OFFER WANTED procedure for specific format requirements.

Bonds involve risks including, but not limited to interest rate risk, reinvestment risk, inflation risk, call risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, market risk, default risk, event risk and a risk of loss of principal. New issue offerings are sold by prospectus or offering circular available at Investors should read these carefully. CDs may be covered by FDIC insurance while bonds may be covered by SIPC insurance. FDIC and SIPC coverage are not the same. Visit or for more information.

The information and content provided in the Scottrade® Knowledge Center is for informational and/or educational purposes only. The information presented or discussed is not, and should not be considered, a recommendation or an offer of, or solicitation of an offer by, Scottrade or its affiliates to buy, sell or hold any security or other financial product or an endorsement or affirmation of any specific investment strategy. You are fully responsible for your investment decisions. Your choice to engage in a particular investment or investment strategy should be based solely on your own research and evaluation of the risks involved, your financial circumstances and your investment objectives. Scottrade, Inc. and its affiliates are not offering or providing, and will not offer or provide, any advice, opinion or recommendation of the suitability, value or profitability of any particular investment or investment strategy.