Customize Your Account

The Home tab of your Scottrade account offers customizable settings that allow you to create a layout that matches your investment style and choose to display the information that matters most to you. Use the guides below to learn more about editing the content displayed in any of your Home tab tables or changing a table's location on your page.

Your Custom Home Tab

Your personal account home page provides a snapshot of your account, brings you important messages from Scottrade and lets you customize your page layout to match your investing style.

Drag and Drop Tables

Drag-and-drop functionality is available on the home page of your Scottrade account and several pages under the Quotes & Research tab to help you customize your investing experience. Where the drag-and-drop functionality is present, you can rearrange the page layout by moving tables to a new location on the page.

Edit Quick Links Display

The Quick Links table of your Home page provides convenient access to other parts of your account or the Scottrade website. Choose which links are included in your Quick Links table using the Edit link in the upper left corner.

Edit My Account Display

Edit the My Account table to choose a display setting for your balances chart and select which balances appear on your Home page. To edit your My Account table, log in to your Scottrade account and click the Edit link in the upper left corner of the My Account table. Use the Edit link to customize your balances information in a way that makes account management easy and effective for you.

Edit Orders Display

The Orders table on the home page of your account offers you a quick view of the open and completed orders in your account. For each order, you'll see the symbol, status, type, quantity, and price information listed. You can edit your Orders table to display additional order information including the order number, time, duration, expiration and settlement date.

Edit Positions Display

The Positions table on the Home page of your account can be edited to change the data columns displayed, the order in which each column appears, the number of positions shown and the way your positions are sorted. To edit your Positions table, log in to your Scottrade account and click the Edit link on the Positions table on your account Home page.

Edit Watch Lists Display

The Watch Lists table on your account home page can be edited to change the data columns displayed, the order in which each column appears, the number of symbols shown and the order in which symbols display. To change the information or display settings of the watch lists shown on your account home page, click the Edit link in your Watch Lists table.

Sorting Data Columns

For many of the tables in your Scottrade account, you have the ability to sort the information displayed using the column headers for each table. On any eligible table, click a column header to organize your information in ascending or descending order according to the data category displayed in the column you chose.

Resize Your Page

Zoom in or out to increase or decrease the size of any page in your Scottrade account using a few keystroke shortcuts. Click on the page you want to resize and follow the instructions provided here.

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