Getting Quotes

Getting quick and detailed quotes is an important part of researching securities and discovering your next trading opportunity. In this section, you'll learn about symbol lookup, detailed quotes, Quick Quotes and quoting FAQs.

Symbol Lookup

Throughout the Scottrade client website, there are boxes where you can enter either a symbol or a company name.

Fifth Symbols for NASDAQ Securities

When a fifth letter is added to a NASDAQ-listed secruity, that letter is used to communicate a piece of information about a company to investors.

Detailed Quote

To get a detailed quote, enter a symbol in the Detailed Quote box in the upper right corner of the page and click Go.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote is the name of the section of the Scottrade client website where you can get a quote without leaving the current page.

Quote FAQs

What do the Financial Status Indicator symbols mean on NASDAQ stocks? What do the letters attached to the volume of a stock mean? How are quote symbols formatted in short form?

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