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February 2013: In the Know

Do Your Homework: How to Research Investments at Scottrade

Just as you wouldn't make a major household purchase without doing some research—whether it's reading Consumer Reports or asking friends for tips—you'll feel more comfortable investing your hard-earned money after you've done your research.

Scottrade's Quotes & Research section within your account offers tools to help you find investments that fit your strategy.

Four Steps to Good Research

1. Glance at the markets.

Get a feel for what's happening in the markets as a whole using the Markets section. To start researching from the Markets Overview page, log in to your Scottrade account and click the Quotes & Research tab.

The Markets Overview summary page quickly shows how all four major indexes (DJIA, NASDAQ, NYSE and S&P 500) are performing, offers a brief summary of what's happening in the markets today, and highlights the day's strongest performing investments and best and worst performing industries.

2. Think about the type of investment you want.

Are you seeking the growth potential of stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and willing to take on some risk? Or would you prefer putting your dollars into lower-risk (but often lower-yielding)

3. Brainstorm.

Once you know what type of investment you want, you might want some help sparking ideas. Go back to the Markets tab to:

  • Get price and volume details about the major indexes—and compare them to each other—using Market Statistics. Then, using the Charts tab within this section, you can create visual comparisons of indexes, sectors, fixed income products, commodities and more.
  • Visualize trading volume and price change on the major indexes with heat maps on the Market Pulse page. This page may also be helpful when you're ready to choose your next investment.
  • Read and search top headlines on Today's Market News, and see what the analysts are saying under Analyst Views.
  • Check the performance of the various Sectors & Industries.
  • Click on a Market Calendar to see scheduled market events, such as earnings reports and dividend payouts.
  • Get a glimpse of market performance in Asia, Europe and the Americas under World Markets.

You can also use the Investor Tools section to generate investment ideas that fit your strategy. You can view strongest performing market investments, screen for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds offered by Scottrade, and compare stock-to-stock and fund-to-fund performance for earnings, performance, ratings and expenses.

To use the Screeners, Comparison Tools or visit the Strongest Investments section, go to the Quotes & Research tab and choose Investor Tools from the left navigation menu.

4. Investigate the securities you're considering.

Once you've narrowed down your choices, you can use Scottrade's tools to conduct in-depth research on the ones you're considering.

Go to the respective tools for Stocks, Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds or CDs & Bonds in the left navigation of the Quotes & Research section in your account.

Watch the recorded webinar Evaluate the Market with Research & Analysis Tools in the Client Website to learn how the in-depth research tools in the Scottrade client website can help enhance your trading and help you react quickly to market opportunities that fit your investment strategy.

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