Research Your Next Trade


ScottradeELITE's easy-to-use charts offer sophisticated market analysis tools including more than 50 indicators, advanced drawing tools and the ability to playback shifts in the market to help you spot and react to trends.

Sector Trends

The Sector Trends tool is designed to help you identify potential trends and evaluate momentum in various stocks, industries and sectors. In addition to identifying the trend, Sector Trends provides a quick way to measure the trend's strength. To understand how to find new opportunities using this tool, let's first discuss sector and industry groups, and the differences between them.

Advanced Scanner

The Advanced Scanner provides you with the ability to screen the market for stocks or ETFs based on the trading criteria that are most important to you.

Intraday Trader™ by Recognia®¹

By providing technical analysis on 15-minute price data, Intraday Trader by Recognia is designed to help you spot trends as they develop and time your trades according to your strategy. Available inside ScottradeELITE®, Intraday Trader monitors intraday changes in the market and notifies you when technical events occur based on your interests, helping you take advantage of trade opportunities in real time.

Zacks Predefined Screener

Review information available to help you set up Zacks Predefined Screener and use it efficiently.

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