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Apple Inc.
TechnologyComputers, Phones & Household Electronics172.671.69%-0.75%51.53%886.5B
Microsoft Corporation
TechnologySoftware & IT Services85.235.12%1.55%37.53%657.5B, Inc.
Consumer CyclicalsDiversified Retail1,168.923.08%3.52%52.07%563.3B
Facebook Inc
TechnologySoftware & IT Services179.044.41%0.15%49.60%520.3B
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
TechnologySoftware & IT Services179.295.73%-2.84%92.21%459.2B
Johnson & Johnson
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
FinancialsBanking Services105.62-1.24%7.93%23.55%366.5B
Alphabet Inc
TechnologySoftware & IT Services1,051.973.96%1.03%29.96%363.3B
Exxon Mobil Corporation
EnergyOil & Gas83.03-0.65%0.17%-6.71%351.8B
Bank of America Corp
FinancialsBanking Services28.94-0.41%9.62%25.34%301.9B
Wells Fargo & Co
FinancialsBanking Services58.872.58%9.59%3.03%290.1B
Wal-Mart Stores Inc
Consumer Non-CyclicalsFood & Drug Retailing 96.93-0.08%6.53%38.31%287.1B
Visa Inc
TechnologySoftware & IT Services112.374.60%0.87%41.99%254.7B
Procter & Gamble Co
Consumer Non-CyclicalsPersonal & Household Products & Services90.23-1.29%1.38%6.95%228.9B
Chevron Corporation
EnergyOil & Gas120.42-0.35%2.72%3.98%228.7B
AT&T Inc.
Telecommunication ServicesTelecommunications Services36.90-0.99%7.99%-8.62%226.5B
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
UnitedHealth Group Inc
HealthcareHealthcare Providers & Services222.770.61%4.75%39.13%215.4B
Home Depot Inc
Consumer CyclicalsOther Specialty Retailers182.25-1.43%10.22%36.63%212.8B
Performance data as of Previous Close, December 11, 2017
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