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90.355 0.635   0.71%4.56%2,141,9995.5M
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Chart as of 12:35 PM ET 2/9/2016

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Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) Reports -17-

----------------- -------------- Earnings before income taxes $ 9,615 $ 10,650 Interest expense, net 1,008 1,052

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) Reports -16-

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Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) Reports -15-

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Company Background

Philip Morris International Inc. is a holding company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, other tobacco products and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside of the United States. The Company's products are sold in more than 180 markets, which include a range of international and local, premium, mid-price and low-price brands. Its premium price brands include Marlboro, Merit, Parliament and Virginia Slims; mid-price brands are L&M and Chesterfield, and international brands include Bond Street, Lark, Muratti, Next, Philip Morris and Red & White. Its local cigarette brands consist of Sampoerna, Dji Sam Soe and U Mild in Indonesia; Fortune, Champion and Hope in the Philippines; Diana in Italy; Optima and Apollo-Soyuz in Russia; Morven Gold in Pakistan; Boston in Colombia; Belmont, Canadian Classics and Number 7 in Canada; Best and Classic in Serbia; f6 in Germany; Delicados in Mexico; Assos in Greece, and Petra in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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A table providing an overview of the stock
Bid | Size-- | --
Ask | Size-- | --
Price Open89.29
Previous Close89.72
Day High90.54
Day Low88.93
52 Week HighToday | 90.54
52 Week Low4/1/2015 | 75.27
% Off 52 Week High-0.20%
% Off 52 Week Low20.04%
Beta (5 Yr)0.92
Volatility Avg2/8/2016 | 18.90
10-Day Avg. Volume5,487,400
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collapse, right-facing arrow indicating collapsed view of sectionFundamentals

A table providing the fundamentals of the stock
EPS (TTM)12/31/2015 | 4.42
P/E Ratio12/31/2015 | 20.3
Market CapLarge Cap | 140.0B
Shares Outstanding1.55B

expand, down-facing arrow indicating expanded view of sectionDividends

A table providing information about the dividends of the stock
Dividend Yield4.56%
Dividend Announcement12/9/2015
Date of Record12/23/2015
Payable$1.02 - QRTR
Payable Date1/8/2016

expand, down-facing arrow indicating expanded view of sectionShare Statistics

A table providing statistics about shares of the stock
Shares Short12.70M
Short Ratio2.1
Short % of Float0.82%
As of 1/15/2016