Meridian Bancorp Inc EBSB:NASDAQ (Common Stock)

LastChange / % ChangeDividend YieldVolumeAvg Volume (10 day)
13.31 -0.07   -0.52%0.89%20,455437.7K
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Chart as of 10:45 AM ET 10/9/2015 (11:45 AM 10/9/2015 Eastern Standard Time)

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Company Background

Meridian Bancorp, Inc., formerly Meridian Interstate Bancorp, Inc., is the holding company of East Boston Savings Bank (the Bank). The Bank is a stock savings bank that that conducts its business from 27 full-service locations and three loan centers in the greater Boston metropolitan area. The Bank offers a range of deposit and loan products to individuals and businesses located in its primary market, which consists of Suffolk, Middlesex and Essex Counties, Massachusetts. The Bank attracts deposits from the general public and uses those funds to originate one- to four-family real estate, multi-family and commercial real estate, construction, commercial and industrial, and consumer loans, which it holds for investment. The Bank's lending business also involves the purchase and sale of loan participation interests. The Bank also offers non-deposit financial products through a third-party network arrangement.


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A table providing an overview of the stock
Bid | Size-- | --
Ask | Size-- | --
Price Open13.44
Previous Close13.38
Day High13.47
Day Low13.30
52 Week High9/30/2015 | 13.99
52 Week Low10/9/2014 | 10.56
% Off 52 Week High-4.86%
% Off 52 Week Low26.04%
Beta (5 Yr)0.8
Volatility Avg10/8/2015 | 16.02
10-Day Avg. Volume437,699
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EPS (TTM)6/30/2015 | 0.45
P/E Ratio6/30/2015 | 29.8
Market CapSmall Cap | 731.6M
Shares Outstanding54.97M

collapse, right-facing arrow indicating collapsed view of sectionDividends

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Dividend Yield0.89%
Dividend Announcement8/27/2015
Date of Record9/17/2015
Payable$0.03 - QRTR
Payable Date10/1/2015

collapse, right-facing arrow indicating collapsed view of sectionShare Statistics

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Shares Short2.75M
Short Ratio11.9
Short % of Float5.48%
As of 9/15/2015