NXT-ID Inc NXTD:NASDAQ (Common Stock)

LastDaily Change / % ChangeDividend YieldVolumeAvg Volume (10 day)
2.69 0.20   8.03%--4,431,3333.9M
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12 Month Period Ending: Currency is US Dollar12/31/2016
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
Cash From (used by) Operating Activities
Net Income-13-13-7.08-1.54-0.19
Deferred Taxes0.19--------
Unusual Items2.570.19-0.41----
Other Non-Cash Items2.583.800.820.400.03
Non-Cash Items5.154.000.410.400.03
Cash Taxes Pd, Supplemental--0.00000
Cash Interest Pd, Suppl--0000
Accounts Receivable-0.72--------
Prepaid Expenses-0.360.40-0.910.00--
Accounts Payable0.121.350.270.24--
Accrued Expenses1.840.310.140.070.06
Changes in Working Capital5.880.281.500.300.06
Total Cash from Operations-0.95-8.62-5.16-0.84-0.10
Plus: Cash From (used by) Investing Activities
Capital Expenditures-0.04-0.38-0.14-0.010.00
Acquisition of Business-17--------
Other Investing Cash Flow1.49-1.51-0.03----
Total Cash from Investing-16-1.89-0.17-0.010.00
Plus: Cash From (used by) Financing Activities
Financing Cash Flow Items-0.05----00.00
Total Cash Dividends Paid-0.12--------
Common Stock, Net1.405.115.760.640.16
Preferred Stock, Net5.96--------
Warrants Converted--0.651.470.30--
Iss (Retirmnt) of Stock,Net7.365.767.230.940.16
Short Term Debt Issued0.40--------
Short Term Debt Reduction-1.73--------
Short Term Debt, Net-1.33--------
Long Term Debt, Net142.96--0.080.08
Iss (Retirmnt) of Debt, Net132.96--0.080.08
Total Cash From Financing208.737.231.010.24
Equals: Increase (Decrease) in Cash
Net Change in Cash2.88-1.781.900.170.14
Depreciation, Supplemental0.
Cash Interest Pd, Suppl--0000
Cash Taxes Pd, Supplemental--0.00000

() = Negative Value
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